Published On: Mon, Mar 10th, 2014

Wonderful Women’s Weekend

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India has always been a place of celebrations and Gurgaon has been celebrating all festivals with a lot of zest. The new generation has adopted the internationally recognized days like Women’s Day, Mother’s day etc. As a part of celebration similar to the way Diwali, Dusshera or Holi is celebrated.

Today be it software companies, multinational companies or even at personal level, mostly everyone celebrate International Women’s Day in their own way.

On 7th of march ‘On Demand Agility’ celebrated International Women’s Day at Double Tree by Hilton. They celebrate women’s day each year, where they recognize the prominent contributors towards the success of the organisation. They deploy more than 40% of workforce who are women.

Trust Yourself…. Trust Us
and there shall we reach…
Where we conquer the world…On Demand Agility winded up by pledging to connect, be there for each other and strengthen women power. There was a theatrical celebration of womanhood at epic centre on March 8th & 9th “God ! i ‘m no Goddess!”A show was presented  by urban suburban productions at epic centre Gurgaon .The show was scripted and directed by Vanessa Ohri & Farah Singh . Son , like Manav Talwar wanted to admire his mom….Mrs. rajni Talwar ….. She is my mentor my guide and whatever i am  today is just because of my mom………….If we learn to admire and give respect and gratitude to the women we have in our houses; rapes and other abusive deeds will never happen.So let us take pledge this women’s day that we will teach our kids to respect woman for making a better world around us .


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