Published On: Sat, Aug 6th, 2016


ddHow many of us used to love and follow fashion trends before? Not much, May be just 50% of us?  But now it has drastically changed the lives of people. It’s all about new era and certainly its new fashion trends today, that are changing the thoughts and the persona of people into the most differently varied cults of fashion.

By following fashion trends, an individual is able to express oneself. Let’s have a quick look on the points given below which explains why following fashion is extremely important for all of us in this era:-

  • YOUR CONFIDENCE’-A person feel more confident as when you wear stylish clothes that are in fashion, it serves you a complacent feeling of being confident in public or amid friends. Besides, being the most attractive person amid a bunch of people out there and by knowing latest fashion trends ultimately boosts up your confidence.
  • “YOUR IDENTITY”-  It’s quite a known fact that a person’s dressing style speaks a lot about its identity. It easily describes the living way of a person because always remember your dressing style speaks louder than you.
  • “ IMPRESS OTHERS”-  A unique style and latest trend is always noticeable by  hundreds  of people. It depends on a person, whether one wants to be in a noticeable zone or not. Ultimately following latest fashion trends and style will make you look more appealing and in a glam up mode. Being in a style always gives you a chance to impress others, be in terms of personal or professional level.
  • “BENEFICIAL”- Being in trends is always going to be beneficial for you in every case, because a person’s identity always get noticed first. One such example can be an interview session where your personality comes first; it can be more successful if you are dressed accordingly for it. As I mentioned above, personality speaks more than a person.

        The history of fashion has been changed- “Before till now”. The style, the fabric, not only clothes but accessories, shoes, hairdo etc. has also taken a new level and which is gradually adopted by the people. Not only in youth, but a vibrant effect of it has been seen in adults too. It’s quite apparent that people follow these fashion trends in order to gain success in one way or the other in life. Following latest fashion trends can ultimately give you a new identity, and being in this era who doesn’t wants to get one. The fashion trends keeps on changing from time- to- time and season- to- season, so that people are aware of all the latest trends in market and keep shopping.

By- Akansha soneja  

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