Published On: Tue, Jul 23rd, 2013

Top 6 Ways to Feel Sexy with the Lights on

how_to_feel_sexyWhy get all nasty with the lights off when you can dish out a visual treat in the bedroom? Only for your partner’s eyes…

Indulge in flattering lingerie: When what lies beneath is frumpy and eons old, you’ll probably end up feeling just like that yourself. When was the last time you got some action when you had your granny panties on? Lace, satin, silk, leather… whatever makes you feel sexy about yourself. And yes, do indulge in some peek-a-boo while you’re at it. Play the show-some-hide-some tease. If you’re going all cleavagey, keep it covered down there. In case of a barely-there thong, slip on a camisole or one of his shirts/tees.

Play with the lighting: Harsh white or yellow light can be a mood-killer. Invest in some soft, dim lights, at least for the bedroom. Experiment with a creatively-shaped lampshade. Or simply light up a few candles. Place them strategically so that they reflect in a mirror or create shadows on the walls. Aromatherapy candles are even better.

Get bodylicious:  If you feel sexy, you will look sexy. There’s nothing like a good workout regime to make you feel oomphalicious about yourself. Pick a routine adapted to your interests, personality, health condition, work schedule and other commitments. You’re sure to start feeling the difference in your body just a week into your new schedule. And the compliments are sure to start pouring in very soon. All the more reason to stick to it.

Trash the beauty magazines: However bodylicious you get, you’re bound to find sexier bods in beauty mags. Before you start comparing yourself to those reed-thin models with impossibly perfect bodies, take a reality check. Even 8-year-olds know that they are all heavily-made-up, photoshopped, anorexic and/or bulimic. And all they do is stay thin and pose for a living. Unlike you — with a real life, job, family, etc.

Come clean: Superfluous hair is not very attractive. Your partner — if it’s someone you’ve been with for a while and share a comfort level with — may not bother too much if you haven’t waxed your arms and legs for a while. But you’re definitely bound to feel way more desirable after getting rid of certain things superficial.

Make the move:  A little initiative can go a long way in showing your partner how much you want him. Surprise him with a little light domination. Depending on your tastes and level of submission to each other, you could either blindfold him or cuff/tie up his hands. Or just show him who’s boss with some good old-fashioned woman-on-top action.

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