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Enjoy home made Popsicle: Get a mould and enjoy making Popsicle. Involve kids in making them and they will have blast time. They will enjoy experimenting with fruits, fruit juices and various recipes.and in return they will be rewarded with great chilled Popsicles to eat which will be healthy, after all its just frozen fruits.
you can make all these recipes with kids without getting afraid of fire etc s it involves no cooking on fire.

Fruit skewers: Take a wooden skewers and arrange various fruits over it like kiwi, strawberry, grapes, apple , mango and other fruits of your choice .the colors of fruits will attract kids and you will be happy to give them an activity and they will eat healthy and it will encourage of having healthy snacking habit too.

Lovely looking ice trays: Mint, Lemon wedges , Strawberry , Grapes and you can do your own experiments. Make your own lovely looking ice cubes, add them in your water and enjoy flavored water.

salads fruits/vegetables: Summers and Salads and no heavy meals , Its the mantra of Summers. Serve them cold , you can add Marconi or sometimes rice or quinoa to add in your salads to make it a complete can steam your vegetables if you do not enjoy

Sorbets/Drinks: Take an oath of making no or low calorie drinks . Make several types of flavored waters, Iced tea, Sometimes small shot of fruit juices. Use honey as a sweetener, say no to sugar.

Fruit based deserts: Instead of using flour use fruits as base. you can use banana , strawberry and coat with chocolates and enjoy them as deserts.

WATER water water……no compromise……..keep drinking it and stay hydrated. its good for skin, stomach immunity and for your overall health.

Home made face masks: Multani mitti (fullers earth) ,add one spoon each of cucumber juice, tomato juice, rose water ,honey mix it and apply it on face. after 20 minutes wash the face with cold water… will find yourself refreshed and rejuvenated.

Sun Screen Lotion: IN Must have in summers list sun screen lotion comes first. Be it inside or outside you must use them. It will protect your skin from sun rays and will take care of your skin.

Sun Glasses :Second must haves are sun glasses ,you will look great and it will protect your eyes also

Choice of fabric:Cotton is the answer…….Go for breathable fabrics. Skin Friendly fabrics which are easy on skin and soothing. You will surely love it all summer shades and summer prints

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