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The charger is the most essential part of human life, more important than the gizmos themselves. Whether it be the ubiquitous Cellphone charger, or the quintessential laptop charger or even the humble digicam charger, you just can’t ignore them. Imagine, you are in the middle of a very important conversation in your cellphone and the battery decides to give away owing to your marathon talk with your best friend, what would you do? Plug it to your charger of course. There, you go, the little black charger saved your day and now you can peacefully go back to crying over your last breakup. Again, imagine, you are watching your favourite movie in your lappy and suddenly, the irritating ping comes up warning you that you’ve got only 10% battery backup left accompanied by the angry red light showing that it actually means shutting down, what will you do? No prizes for guessing right that you would plug your lappy and carry on with watching Sylvester Stallone boxing his way to glory. Again, imagine another situation where you are happily clicking away each and every expression humanly possible on one’s face. And then comes the greatest tragedy of all, ‘Battery Low’ and then the humble charger again saves the day so that you can upload those ‘sentimental’ pictures on Facebook, twitter and other social networking sites. Your life would be incomplete if you cannot listen to songs on your ipod, and who sustains it for hours? Yes, the charger again!

Now, what would have happened if the very same charger decides to give up on you and decides not to work or work on its own terms? You would be DEAD right? Well that’s what had happened to yours truly, not once, not twice but four times! Yes, I am lucky enough to have survived all the times. The first instance was about two years back, when the charger and my mp3 player decided to break up their relationship leaving me heartbroken. It was beautiful autumn morning and I was humming alongwith the songs playing in my ears (in my mp3 player actually) when I saw that the battery is low and decided to go back home and charge it, and to my horror of horrors, they were not responding to each other. At first I thought it was a mere lover’s tiff and they would make up with each other if I prod them a bit, twist their wires or switch off the plug for some time and switch it on again, but nothing worked, I was devastated. How could they? I thought it was long-term relationship. Not a short two year one. And yes, the charger gave away exactly a week after its warranty was over. So much for fidelity. Anyway, after about three days of brainstorming on how to make their relationship tick, I discovered a very novel way, I plug it to the nearby computer USB port and they seem to happily respond to each other (the charging point and the data transfer point of the mp3 player is the same you see). And I too can breathe peacefully.

The second life-altering incident happened a year back. This time it was with my mobile. The charger decided to have a mind of its own and suddenly decided that it had nothing to do with its much-loved cousin as it was the only one who was getting attention and the charger was needed only when its cousin needed to feed its soul. I was aghast at its height of selfishness. After a long and tiring day of texting and chatting when I decided to plug my phone to its charger, it just did not respond. It remained quiet like nothing had ever happened, the phone and the charger- they were strangers, they have never met their whole lives, and the sole sufferer was me, me and only me. However thankfully my best friend and I have the same model (that was completely by accident and a different story altogether that I would share with you someday) and that saved the day for me and my cellphone did not have to go hungry that day. The very next day I went to a family counsellor (read mobile servicing centre) to know what was wrong with them, and imagine my shock when it functioned properly in front of the people. No matter how much I pulled and twisted and banged them together, they worked perfectly fine like nothing was wrong with them ever. Redfaced and angry I went back to my room and they went along fine for a day or two, and just when I thought that they had left their differences behind, the charger decide to play the black sheep of the family and stopped charging my cellphone. Wary of their tactics, I took them to immediately to the counsellors before they had a chance to act buddies again. This time after waiting for two hours in a line to meet up with the experts I successfully showed them what was wrong with my charger. They took it away for a week and may be put it in rehabilitation or something and maybe gave it electric shocks, but gave it to me as it was the day I bought it in my family. And now they are doing very fine, and am happy again.

By the third time I have become immune to the tricks of the charger and thought I could handle anything, but wonders never cease. I am the kind of person who would charge my digicam whenever I went someplace. So I made it a point to charge it the day before or the whole day if I have to go out in the evening. It so happened, that one day we (my friend and me) had a last moment urge to go out to a fair with another friend of ours. So we did and I grabbed my digicam. I was perfectly sure that it was charged atleast to last the evening. We were happily clicking away the colourful Diwali fair and just as were about to pose for our firsty picture together in the fair, the deadly two words surfaced on the screen- BATTERY LOW and it was switched off. So there I was with two friends giving me looks that said I was dead and a moronic digicam which was just as useful at that time as the next flower pot in the next stall, and we came back without any memories to share in any Social Networking Site.

Just when you thought that my stories with the charger were over, you were mistaken again. Last week, just when the warranty over the parts of my netbook was over, my faithful charger decided to draw my attention towards it. Just as I got ready with my box of biscuits and chips to watch the very handsome Hugh Jackman fighting the baddies as Wolverine, I saw the battery was a bit on the lower side and I decided to plug it to a charger and watch the movie without getting up and scrambling for the charger at the last moment, but then it was not meant to be. Well, well wonder of wonders (sic) the charger was not working, after some twisting and turning, it worked, but the minute I removed my hand from it, it stopped charging. It was then discovered after a few hours that it worked right if the wire was kept in an elevated position with the help of some books to prop it up. It worked that way for three days and then it realised that it was not getting attention that way, and now, while writing this I am holding the charger with one hand twisted to 45 degrees right and then raised to 3 mm from the surface. The degrees, the height and the direction keeps on changing in different times of the day and according to its whims and fancies. Oops! Got to check the charger again! Will be bringing you some other quirks of life to share with you another day. Till then wish me luck with my charger and share your charger stories with me. I would be glad to know that I am not alone in this world who suffers this way.


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