Published On: Thu, Mar 9th, 2017

Salute to the New Age Woman on Women’s Day

Salute to the New Age Woman on Women’s Day

Pushpa Awasthi, Thana Incharge Women Police station Hazratganj , Lucknow

Composed and balanced, A perfect example of New Age Woman. Handling such a responsible job as well as family is not an easy task.She is originally from Kanpur and when i ask her how she chose this career and she replied that a serial “udaan” inspired her ,since childhood she decided that she will join in police and she wanted to serve her country.She values relationships and with her unmatched skills of handling issues A Special Honour was given to her from IG Zone. She has happy family and her two sons Manu 9 plus and rishi are 7 years old and currently they are in rai baraely. Postings keep changing but she tries that it should not harm the education of kids.She says her mother has been very helpful in raising them.She adds it was her dream to see her daughters doing some thing good. Meeting her was very inspirational. In the end she gave a beautiful message ;Yes, you should not bear any kind of cruelity against you or any one but you should know the correct way to oppose it.

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