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Myself Dr Richa Sharma, I belong to a small town Jammu which is part of Jammu & Kashmir. I belong to a middle middle class family. I had a very struggling life. I believe that place, origin, socioeconomic status, qualification, profession etc nothing matters when you are determined and have a “JUNOON” to do something in life. Its the fire inside us which keeps one going inspite of all odds. If you think you can achieve – you will definitely achieve,so everything starts and ends in the mind, the attitude towards life. To rise from a scarp needs a Fighter spirit. Focus on what you have rather on what you lost or cannot achieve. As rightly said and that’s what I believe-

“ No one Can Feel You Inferior Without Your CONSENT !!”

Life Journey-

To begin with what I am today, I owe it to my parents and family.My mom who was a teacher and my dad who was a lecturer, They taught us that life is not short cut,its hard work which makes you achieve what you want and no one dies from hard work, one life so utilize it to the maximum.

Me and my elder brother Dr Amit Basnotra were raised under strict discipline and good values.Our parents struggled hrd to make us achieve our dreams with limited resources and accessibility being in a small town.They believe that the ultimate wealth of parents are their kids who if on right track make all feel proud.

I was a very weak, shy, timid and submissive child. Was poor in studies and health both,mostly use to get pass exams by barely few marks.Nobody had any expectations or hopes from me -I think I use to give blank looks as if I know nothing (still people interpret me wrong till they face me in real). Even my teachers were as if allergic to teaching me reason because I was not sharp enough to understand. I was also physically very weak so that may be the actual reason of all this disinterest.I had difficulty in sitting for long hours in examinations and use to collapse so most of the times use to give incomplete exams. This trend continued as such and to add to it my careless and casual attitude towards life as if I was not interested to survive only.I was as if fed up with life. I was really a weak girl, totally opposite to what I am today. I was just following the life as it came with no goals, hopes and aims.full of negativity so like a vicious circle where as if I was getting lost with no recognition and survival. Even I tried twice to end my life when I was just 7th standard.I don’t know why but I was not interested to live anymore. I was fed up with my illness and my lagging behind and successive failures of life. I was a school drop out in my primary classes. But you know we all are born in world with a reason and our destiny ultimately meets its fate and gets us on track if we are detracting, Same happened with me.

Turning point came in my life which makes me awake and realize as to what I am supposed to do than wasting my life. Actually I had a best friend whom I used to trust blindly but one fine day she filed wrong charges against me and my mom to school authority. That came to me as a shock of life. I took it as a great insult which my mom had to face due to me who was known for her unbiased nature and principles. It made me realize that I must do something to make parents feel proud of me.If your will is strong, You can move mountains but always remember and stick to your roots,values and principles and be clear in your thoughts and never hurt anyone or breach trust of anyone. Blessings when from heart really matters a lot so try to earn those blessings by your good deeds.

That episode of my life was enough to make me shift from my careless casual approach to life to a more focused and determined Iron thoughts. Though I was not intelligent enough nor I was lucky enough.Most of times my hard work use to go in drain and if I give 100%,I use to get only 1% so for that 100% result I need to put 1000% efforts. I was feeble minded, use to take hours for anything to understand what my contemporaries may understand in a fraction of second but I had a strong will power and still have which keeps me going in all adversities. I never give up till I die.Even if am silent I may be preparing for another battle.Good preparation a must for any new thing in Life. I was an addict of emotional Hindi movies in my childhood,use to watch even eight movies a day and was famous for that in my circle. But definitely from there also I learnt only. I think that we humans should have the vision as how to select the pearls and discard the by-products and garbage. I had impact of Shahrukh Khan movies especially Om Shanti Om in whom he use to say one thing repeatably-

‘Itni shiddat se maine tumhe paane ki koshish ki hai ki har zarre ne mujhe tumse milane ki koshish ki hai. Kehte hai agar kissi cheez ko dil se chaaho toh poori kainat tumhe usse milane ki koshish mein lag jaati hai. Aap sabne mujhe meri chahat se mila diya, thanks, thanks very much. Kehte hai ki filmon ki tarah hamari zindagi mein bhi end tak sab theek hi ho jaata hai. Happys Endings. Aur agar theek naa ho toh woh ‘The End’ nahi. Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost.’
From Om Shanti Om…

Same thing I also believe –“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

All our critics are actually Best Teachers as they inspire us for a never ending fire to excel and do your best that too ethically.

Finally I could become a doctor. I was a rank holder throughout my carrier, was even listed in PGI Chandigarh for post graduation examination without any guidance and coaching.My only Mantra was to do Endless efforts and it was my mom and Dad who were the igniter for propellant I had inside since I was born-which stills keeps me going in all adversities.I think magic lines rare but once you understand brings sea change in you and I am the live example of that .I am highly indebted to God for all his blessings. My dad use to say that-“ No one dies from hard work and no one has extra brains. Its your own will and persistence and endurance which makes you stand out in the crowd. “Point is not only to have name, fame and money-point is to earn all this but ethically with values and with hurting or making fools of others.

To follow and to get followed is what one should aim for same like twitter !!

To become role model and inspire others was my motto.I use to  believe even if make one dead person move on-my purpose of birth is done.

No work is big or small.Its our thinking which makes it big or small.World lies in our mind.Life is to achieve dreams than just dream.

After my MBBS, I did lot of studies to get  a rank because I knew I m not sharp enough and lucky enough to get results with minimal work. I believe one should know his or her weakness and try to work on it and make it a strength. For me my strength is Pen- To write my views and thoughts.Today also my purpose of writing is not restricted to some award but more to inspiring resistant ones and make them move on with never ending speed.  But success should never go in your head.Be grounded and have gratitude always and bear a good character. Strong base definitely makes a mark. Life of a thief and clever fellow is short just like Myocardial infarction (MI, Heart attack)-it will vanish suddenly without you getting time and mind to realize even as what actually happened to you so be always thankful to those who worked behind screens day and night and supported you in all thick and thin. Don’t be a thankless person, be God fearing then you will have a stable and respectful success in life.

Anyways to continue with my story, I worked and studied hard  for my PG Exams but suddenly I had memory loss may be because I didn’t take a rest and mind got over saturated.

I was as if blank two days prior to exams. I couldn’t attempt even a single question in exams.But Whom God saves, Who can eat or destroy !!. Same happened with me. To God’s Grace something unusual happened ,that examination got cancelled due to some political issues and was conducted again. It was first time history such thing happened but for me it was no less than a MIRACLE which God has done for me .This incident further added to my blind faith in God that if your deeds are good, God definitely saves you. I got selected in next exams with a good rank.Its rightly quoted by someone-

“ Miracles Happen provide you have faith and courage to walk on  that Path!! “

My mom keep my moral high in all this tough time-I am really indebted to her for that. I believe be a good and true and clear person first than a rich and famous.Even if no one seeing, God is watching your activities every second.

Like other humans, I also have emotions and feelings to get settled after my studies but I faced lot of rejections with trust of trust and even financial losses. That changed my views about world from all good to all bad. Slowly as I  was getting mature and experienced with time with bad experiences of life, I realized that not whole world is bad actually -there are still a fraction of good people that’s why this world is running and if you could come across such people in one life then nothing like that.

Strong will power and Parents and God’s blessings made me to come out of all bad phases of life and I tried to convert negative energy into my positive energy.This is may be because of good deeds of my ancestors and parents and good values and sanskars and a disciplined upbringing which played the key role.I then focussed on my career again and decided to study further and was able to reach level what I am today with no God father and God mother.To get a rank at all India level on merit for an ordinary person like me was no more than a miracle for me.This made my belief stronger and stronger and blind on God day by day making me realize that- All happens for good and happens for a cause.If you have not attained what you have been made for then it means you were on wrong path, It means God has planned something best for you-So keep faith and start believing.

After my higher studies going through all kind of struggles, I then had to relocate at a new place -that was another struggle. I started slowly from jobless phase to working as assistant to employee to employer over a period of 4 years. Again I suffered a heavy financial loss that too of all my hard earned money of years. I just still cannot understand as why people wants to become well off by making fools of simple people that too when they have no dearth as it’s a hard and bitter fact as no one will take materialistic things along after death. Its a right saying by

Bulley Shah- “na kar bandeya meri meri, na teri na meri, chaar dina da mela, fair mitti di dehri”


Anyways I tried to be composed and recover out of this. Meanwhile I met my husband Pratul who as if gave me new life. He encouraged me a lot. Nothing is end of world, what you consider end may be a new beginning, it may be a birth of new personality in you. So all happens for good. If you have will, skill and clear intentions then you will rise again.


Now I am a happily married person with a good job and good in laws an a loving husband who supports me in all good bad times.

To conclude I will say that nothing stays permanent, change is the only constant in life and nothing is impossible but definitely you should have good intentions and a supportive family. Family members play main role by boasting you behind the screen so we should always show our gratitude to them by our actions.

If by God’s Grace and by kind wishes of all I get awarded then I would like to dedicate it to my Parents, Bhaiya and my Husband Pratul.

Thanks and Kind Regards

Dr Richa Sharma

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