Published On: Wed, Oct 29th, 2014

Humanity is in the Blood of Women

Women now in the modern world are seen in every walk of life with the spread of literacy. But first when the women didn’t even have the thought of being independent listened to the men and spent their whole life for humanity and society but still they were not given the liberty to feel like a human being. Why? “I OFTEN WONDER WHY THIS HAPPENED”. A woman looks after her husband, parents, children and all the relatives. She is very selfless and are the true humans who aren’t selfish, not avaricious and very humane. Women have enough patience to stay and enough strength to move on. She uses her lips to speak truth, her voice for kindness, her ears for compassion, her hands for charity and her heart for prayer and those who didn’t like her she didn’t mind and used his prayers. In all women are the true humans who are the people who are truly blessed by GOD.


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