Published On: Wed, Mar 8th, 2017

Happy Woman’s Day

Happy Woman’s Day
New Age Woman wishes all its readers a very Happy Woman’s Day. Its the day to celebrate you because you are special,you are New Age Woman . You ,who set up alarm to wake up not for yourself but for the kids to make them ready to go to school, pack their tiffins, cook lunch and send husband to the office, feeding everyone but running to the office grabbing a roti roll in your hand. In spite of working all day in office coming back with vegetables and other groceries in hand , having all the recipes in mind and you wash your hands,freshen up in the kitchen sometimes and you are all set to cook for the family. It is you who sacrifices her happiness over everyone’s happiness in family. Who is ready to wear old clothes on Diwali but can not compromise on kids crackers and toys.It is you who can stay hungry and keep fast for your husband and family. Celebrate YOU, because only you can do it. God has created you to bless this world. Love yourself as you need to spread love and smiles , take care of your health to keep your family healthy.Learn , Grow because you are mentor for your kids. They notice you each time, They follow your directions. Remember you are the director in their life and they are actors , at certain age they do as you say.

Thank you all for sending your real stories to us where we publish the chosen stories hoping others will inspire.We are working towards making our Award event a successful and unforgettable one.We will be happy to keep working hard for bringing those true stories to encourage each other , because the objective of New Age Woman is to make the woman of today financially independent and secure with her overall growth. New Age Woman Trust is made to create job opportunities for rural women in india.Its just a first step and its long way to go.I Know your support and best wishes are always with the team New Age Woman.Wish you all once again Very Happy Woman’s Day and salute to you for your contributions to everyones life ,Thank you for being New Age Woman.

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