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Get your desired Body Shape eating right Protein with Health Expert Geetanjali Kapoor

Get your desired Body Shape eating right Protein with Health Expert Geetanjali Kapoor


You want to loose weight or you have build your body, experts will suggest you to consume right amount of protein. You want to increase muscles or give your body a good shape right intake of protein is the answer.It helps in tissue buildings and it fights with bacteria in body and works as a antibiotic. On an average a healthy body needs 75 gms of protein each day. Protein rich diets boost your metabolism rate and reduce hunger so you eat in moderation. It really helps you in weight loss and weight management.You might have heard excess of everything is bad and balance is the key to achieve success in any field. Consuming excess protein will lead you to kidney damage and it will give you a bad breadth as well. So eat right amount of protein and stay healthy. I am here giving you complete information as per how much quantity of per 100 gms or per cup contains how much protein so you can plan your diet accordingly. So here we go
Let me simplify it more by giving you a formula of calculating how much protein you need according to your body weight. It is simple 0.8 gms of protein per kg of your bodyweight in a day
for example if your body weight is 60 kg so 60 *0.8 = 48 gms of protein each day.
if you are building muscles or you are an athlete you can take up to 1.5 gms but as i told earlier that excess protein is not good as it can result in kidney damage.Athletes and sports players should consult their diet planners for more accurate results.
Protein can be found in both vegetarian and non vegetarian foods but in vegetarians food we found less amino acids. we need to combine foods to get right amount of amino acids . for example we need to combine rice with beans to get the proper amino acids through beans. Then they become the complete diet. After work out eating beans with brown rice is suggested to athletes and body building people.Similarly Whey Protein shakes are also suggested to consume after 15 minutes of work outs.

So here is the list for protein available in various foods

per 100 gms food item
Yogurt =7 gms
Nuts= 30 gms
Beans = 15 gms
Eggs = 15 gms
Tofu = 8 gms
Cheese =30 gms
Pork =30 gms
Chicken Breast = 20 gms
Salmon = 27 gms
Lean Beef =30 gms

cherry 1 gms
kiwi 1.1 gms
banana 1.1 gms
raspberry 1.2 gms
Apricot 1.4 gms
Blackberry 1.4 gms
pomegraate 1.7 gms
Avoocado 2 gms
Guava 2.6 gms

Per one cup
buckwheat 6 gms of protein per cup
lentils 18 gms proteinper one cup
quinoa 8 gms protein per one cup

chia seeds
4 gms protein per 2 tbl spoon

I am sure this article will help you in Keeping the track of your protein diet. And you will able to do weight management and get your desired body shape. Be it loosing weight or muscle building . So happy living and stay good with Geetanjali kapoor
You must add these healthy food items in your daily Diet. These are good source of protein and other minerals and vitamins to keep you healthy and fit

sweet potatoes
beans seeds
split beans
soya milk
bell peppers
egg plant
bok choy
Cottage Cheese

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