Published On: Fri, May 5th, 2017

Eat Potatoes to loose weight – A research by Geetanjali Kapoor

Eat Potatoes to Loose Weight : A research done by Geetanjali Kapoor

Do not eat potatoes and you will turn fat & you will gain weight .95 % people think that it is bad for you when you want to loose weight. But i say eat potatoes to loose weight. All depends how you eat potatoes .if you add oils/butter for cooking them only then their property changes otherwise they are the one which gives you feeling of fullness. its very tasty and healthy . it gives vitamin A , Iron and Vitamin C. It absorbs fat . Vitamin A is good for eyes, red potatoes are good for you in fact they contain more iron.Not only this, it also has calcium, magnesium ,phosphorus. it regulates your blood pressure and helps in female egg production. It also helps in your sexual life.If you eat small potatoes the round ones with skin it will help you in kidney stone problem. It helps a lot in water retention as it has lot of potassium and it balances sodium in body. you might have heard that we use to add potatoes if there is a little bit more salt in any dish as it absorbs excess works in our body also like this.It balances sodium in your body.
Another Best thing is that it has Vitamin B Complex ,It keeps you healthy and potatoes gives you all kind of Group B Vitamins. It helps in triglycerides, vitamin b3 reduces it. eat only baked or boiled potatoes. it helps in fat burning and increases metabolic rate. so if you eat potatoes in break fast it will help you to reduce fat and will help in increasing your metabolic rate.make a combination of starch and protein. alpha lipoic acid which turn glucose in energy. its a myth that diabetic patient can’t eat potatoes but it s wrong so extra glucose will be turned in energy. boil two potatoes and you can drink that water and eat those boiled potatoes in activates collagen. It tightens the skin and it will make you look young. It has zinc and it is great for hair and skin.The key is to eat it boiled or baked. Do not use oil or ghee /butter to cook it. you can try various recipes If you add roti, bread or in any form of carbohydrate with potatoes you will gain weight but instead eating rice with potato will make you loose weight.

So Eat Potatoes in the right way and update us how much you loose with your pictures.

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