UP Elections and Shivratri – Giving Message to the nation

Thanks to such indian festivals where we get to see the unity of people. Where whole Uttar Pradesh is heated up in elections and all parties have divided people of Uttar Pradesh in the name of Dalit , Aheer , Yadav and Hindus. We get to see the mass dancing and chanting Bum Bum Boley on the roads of Lucknow , the Capital of UP. It was an occasion of More...

by Geetanjali Kapoor | Published 11 months ago
By Editor In Chief On Monday, January 30th, 2017

Subah E Banaras at VARANASI

An Amazing experience of Subah E Banaras. Lucky are those who are living in Varanasi. Holy bells ringing,worshipping the holy river ganga with mantras of vedas sung by vedas girls students  and welcoming the sun More...

By Editor In Chief On Tuesday, August 9th, 2016

Thank you all for sharing your friendship day’s photos

Dear Readers , Thank you all for sharing your friendship days photos with us. We are publishing the best photos selected by our team.We are happy that we have photographs from youngsters to the elders. We are happy More...

By Editor In Chief On Monday, July 22nd, 2013

Aashiqui star returns to life, turns author

Once famous for her debut in Mahesh Bhatt’s film, Anu Aggarwal vanished from Bollywood for over 15 years. She has now returned to the city after a near-death experience and is putting the two lives that she has More...